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The Museum development team benefitted from Luke’s expertise in offering dynamic, engaging presentations. We’ve already implemented many of his suggestions!

Serena Bruzgo 
VP Development & Marketing at Denver Museum of Nature & Science

How To Maximize Your Impact with a 
Planned Presence, Dynamic Content 
& Interactive Broadcasts

Meetings were forced online, so it’s natural they’re less effective than they were in-person, right? Hell no! In this workshop, you’ll discover how virtual meetings can be more dynamic, personalized and engaging for audiences than in-person meetings ever could. 

Attendees will learn: 

PLANNED PRESENCE - Be strategic about your appearance! Break from the "hunched over laptop" norms and learn how standing, gesturing, eye-contact and more can help you establish strong virtual meeting fundamentals. 

❖ DYNAMIC CONTENT - Maximize alignment between what you have to say and what the audience wants to hear! Learn the keys to a compelling message, how to structure your content modularly and how to create a navigational presentation experience. 

INTERACTIVE BROADCASTS - With the virtual world at our fingertips, there are so many ways we can drive engagement with audiences: live polls, virtual webcam software, democratized Q&A and more. Get creative!

You’ll leave this session with practical, actionable insights to make your client consultations, employee trainings and virtual events highly compelling experiences – and you won’t need to be a technical guru to make it happen. 

Of course, you’ll also have control over the session experience – what content gets covered, what order it gets covered in, what experiences are shared and more…because after all, isn’t optimizing the presenter-audience knowledge transfer the whole point of a meeting? 

See you online! 

Featuring Virtual Meeting Insights Like These

Half-Smile vs. Standby Mode

First 3-Minutes Intro Commercial

Meet the Instructor 
Luke Goetting, Founder of Puffingston Presentations 

Luke Goetting is an award-winning presentation specialist and founder of Puffingston Presentations - a presentation agency based in Austin, Texas. 

Goetting specializes in crafting dynamic, interactive presentation experiences for tech companies and has developed keynotes for CES speakers, SXSW Accelerator winners, TEDx presenters and executives at AMD, Dell, Arrow Electronics, IBM, Siemens, Western Union, SAP Concur and more. 

Prior to Puffingston Presentations, Goetting was Midwest Sales Manager at RSI Video Technologies where he developed real-world presentation techniques his team incorporates today with speakers and companies around the world. 

Goetting is a winner of the Best Business Prezi award and a certified Prezi Expert. 

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